Thursday, September 22, 2016

Easy To Grow

We carefully tuck them
All into their beds,
Then pinch, poke, and coax them,
Remove their spent heads.
We cross them, then toss them
Or force them to grow.
We lovingly boss them
And drench with cold flow!

We mass them and class them
And make them eat dirt,
And seldom do ask them,
"Does anything hurt?".
With relish we shear them
In sun's morning shaft;
No questions nor qualms,
Make them partners in graft!

We scrutinize field guides
To learn what it takes,
Dig up and divide then,
Or tie to the stakes?
We worry and wonder
Just what should we do
When red rose goes under,
Replace it with new?

We smell them and hold them
When bloom is complete
Then pridefully show them
Put rocks on their feet.
We train and contain them,
And cleverly name them
(as most clever names go),
"guaranteed hardy"
And "real easy to grow"!